Get a kick out of life with MAWH
Get involved today.

The best kind of defense is to demonstrate compassion and kindness towards others! Join us today and make a difference in the lives of others. When you extend your generosity and kindness through MAWH, everyone benefits! Here's what you get out of doing things with the MAWH difference:

Leadership-The sense of power and pride that comes with your ability to effect positive change.

Accomplishment-Experience the rewards of assisting others.

Networking/Friendship-Make new friends!

Just remember: KICK Counts:
indness-Your kindness matters
nvolvement-Get involved to help improve lives
ommitment-Your dedication never goes unnoticed
ey-Helping children and adults is key!

There are thousands of people who are counting on you for lifesaving support. Your participation and fundraising efforts put smiles on faces-just what these people need.

Two young karate students from Manalapan are using their martial arts training to raise money for children who are battling cancer. [Click for full story]
Ask just about any four year old what he'd like for his upcoming birthday and you're likely to get a detailed rundown of the latest must-have items from the local toy store. But not from four year old Michael Ragosa. [Click for full story]
Hey kids! Help others in your age group. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Birthday/Holiday Gifts-Why not request that your family and friends make a donation to a charity instead of giving gifts?
  • Organize an Effort with Friends-Get together with friends/schoolmates and organize a picnic, sell raffle tickets together, or collect money at storefronts. The ideas are endless!
  • Visit-Drop by, say hi. Make a new friend and stay in touch. The power of communication and friendship goes a long way.
  • Donate money-Every dollar counts! Plus, MAWH puts 100% of donations directly towards the cause.
  • Share the word-Tell others about MAWH and your role in raising awareness and funds.
  • How about a bake sale? Community walk? Organize your own fundraising effort. Contact us with your idea(s) and we'll work with you to help make it happen.
Other Martial Arts Schools:
  • Donate money, organize an event . . . help out today! The sense of community that comes when working with MAWH and helping those less fortunate is worthwhile!